Apgujeong, 압구정

Apgujeong, 압구정 consider is a luxury area for Korea people, it also is the most expensive shopping street in the world. (W_W)

According to so resources, the name of Apgujeong, 압구정 originated from the pavilion name built by a powerful politician name Han Myung-Hae of the Chosun Dynasty, whose pen name was “Apgu”. Although the pavilion no longer exits, it is believed to have stood where the Hyundai Apartment were built. Hyundai Apartment is the most expensive apartment in Apgujeong.
The surrounding areas are home to many of Korea’s richest families, especially those with new found wealth. At Apgujeon, large, private house, expensive, imported cars, and dozens of high class import shop.

There are many other department stores, shop, boutiques and restaurants. From here, you could be easily found out all the branded stuff Gucci, LV, Channel, and Cartier and so on. ($_$). The well known department store at Apgujeong is Hyundai Department Store, it was a big building and it easily to be found it located at the exit door for Apgujeong subway station.

Front View of Hyundai Department Store

At the department store, you could be easily found out many branded stuff...fashion clothes, bag, shoes……all the luxury goods usually characterize these location. Many fashion designers have shop in the area to keep tab on the pulse of the local styles.

Branded stuff at department store

The Fashion houses, coffee house and restaurant at Apgujeong all in very unique design. So, it is very easily get attraction by people to step in and try. But please make sure your pockets do have enough money for you to buy or do enjoy a cup of coffee, else just choose the way as me… ”Window Shopping” ^0^

Coffee shop at the Resident area

Art and Design Meuseum

The coffee bean shop

The italian food restaurant
Famous restaurant at Apgujeong

Sometime window shopping also can get some interesting thing that you never thought, many artist or Korea star like to shopping at this area, so if you have luck may be can meet one of them ^o*
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