Busan Sea Festival 2009

The largest sea festival at korea is comming~~~~~~~~

14th Busan Sea Festival will be start from Aug 1 until Aug 9.The festival will held at Haeundee Beach, Gwangalii Beach, Song-do Beach and Songjeong Beach and some other place at Busan.

During the festival, there is celebration for

~~>Busan international Rock Festival,
~~>Busan International Beach Dance Festival ,
~~>Korea Sea Literature Festival,
~~>Busan Game Festival

it is about 30 small to large festival will be celebrate during Busan Sea Festival

For those who like the water sport should join this festival because a variety of water sports programs such Free lessons offered in ocean rafting, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, banana boat rides and more.

The opening ceremony of the festival will be a brilliant firework showcase lighting up the evening sky over Haeundae Beach. Besides that, street dance and hip hop performance can be seen around Haeundae Beach. So, my friends who still did not have plan this week please do not miss the chance to enjoys the biggest sea festival at Korea. Let's have fun at the Festival~~~

For the detail information how to go there, where to go and things to do can visit the official website for the festival www.seafestival.co.kr

*more picture and detail will be post when i back from there ^o^

우리는 같이 부산에 가요~~

Incheon--->Muuido 무의도

According to wikipedia, Muuido Island is in Incheon and is quite near Yeongjongdo Island where the Incheon International Airport is also located. It is also often called the Mui Island.

Muuido, in Korean, means "the dress of a dancer". Muuido Island though small, is a very pretty place with outstretched beaches lined by the cool calm sea
Like almost all beaches or islands it has its own beauty so what's so special about muiido anyway?

Well, the island is very scenic!!! Not only was it the location for the movie Silmido and korea drama Stairway to heaven, it was also one of the locations of the Boys Over Flowers drama of korea.... Beat that!!! Now I definitely understand the meaning of small but terrible...ahaha... Muuido may be small but it sure knows how to attract film makers! Ahaha.... I can't believe I stepped on the same ground or should I say sand as kimbum and minho(crazy much??!!!!)!

When we went there, it was quiet... didn't see a lot of people but I like it that way... we really felt the serenity of the place.. it was so calm... Too bad, we couldn't stay long... I really wished we could've stayed a bit longer.... I think it'd look even more beautiful at night.... Oh well....Since we're really photoholics, we took some pictures and pretended we were f4..ahaha... some of us even collected shells (like me..)...

Also, we saw Stairway to Heaven's piano...it was white and pure... felt like we were in the drama... I really want to visit the place again...maybe next time we could stay longer and even make our own movie or drama..after all, the attractiveness of muuido has been proven anyways...ehehhe..

Sakura Party--> Spring at Korea

Well, honestly, I have never seen a sakura tree until I came here... when I saw the pink blossoms I thought.. “could anything be more beautiful than this?”... It was one of the most beautiful sites ever...

I felt like I was in a korean drama....my heart overflowed with joy and excitement...
As usual, like we always do, we took some photos... here and there...we were like crazy photoholics...ahaha...

Seeing the pink blossoms like that made my heart really happy... I felt really relaxed just sitting under the tree...ehehe...

I remember we even had a sakura party. It's normal for koreans to have a party under the tree at night but it was kind of a new experience for us...that's why I was so extatic at that time... not only did I love the food but it felt so good to be out at night and just enjoy with your friends.... I wished it never ended....

We played some games and took some pictures...it was so crazy.... we were crazy!!!

Anyway... another good thing about these kind of parties is meeting new friends... we actually met new korean friends... we all had a great time... they even made us dance.... oh! And also sing!..it's Korean culture...and since we are in Korea, we cannot do away from their culture, can we? So we just enjoyed and did what they asked us to do...ehehehe...

It was a lot of fun....I really hope something like this will happen again...ehehehe.....

삼 겹살, i like it

삼 겹살 (read: samgyeopsal) is very popular Korean food. The meaning of 삼겹살 is 삼 (sam=three) 겹(gyeop=layered) 살(sal=meat). So three layered meat like describe in the picture. the meat is from 돼지(read: dweji=pork).

It's very easy to find samgyeopsal restaurant. Even there are some samgyeopsal buffet at Seoul. U just need to pay 7500won each person, u can eat unlimited samgyeopsal ^o^. I not yet try and just heard from my friends. I think i'll try this weekend :). So now, i just can tell my experience at regular samgyeopsal restaurant

If u see the design of samgyeopsal resturant, there are many tables and join become one very long table. Every table have stove to fry the meat. And for seat, they provide seat pillow. So this is really traditional sit on the floor. This is make samgyeopsal looks very interesting. Korean People usually go eat together like group. I ever go with all my friend about 20 people inside and we really enjoy it

Ok. After come in the restaurant, now time to order...

one portion of samgyeopsal usually is about 6000won and for 2 people. So we can predict how many portion for group. There are also many free side dishes like 상추 (read: sangchu=lettuce), 김치(Kimchi), Onion, Kim (Seaweed), fish cake, bean paste sauce, tiny sea fish, sweet corn and others. The kind of side dishes is depend on the restaurant. Some just provide 상추, kimchi, onion and Kim

And now how to eat samgyoepsal...

if u see that picture, it shows sangchu, meat, onion, and bean sauce. So just mix all the stuff and wrap it with sangchu then finish. let's eat. when inside the mouth the taste will mix together and will be delicious ^o^. Oh... make me wanna eat more. U must try if u go to Korea oneday.

and usually Korean people eat samgyeopsal and drink soju there. wanna know more about soju?? let's check next post. hahhahah...

My first time visit to Seoul-----Gyeongbok Palace

Seoul is the capital city of Korea. The first place that I have been visited in Korea is Gyeongbok Palace. Gyeongbok Palace is meant Shining Happiness. In Seoul city, it has contained many palaces, but the Gyeongbok Palace is represented the biggest one and showed the powerful of Dynasty of Korea for hundred years ago.

The architecture design and the arrangement of the Gyeongbok Palace had shown the unique design since hundred years ago. For instance, Keunjeong-jeon, Chagyong-jeon, Chageyong-jeon, Hyangwon-jeon and so on, which are located at the Gyeongbok Palace. The Keunjeong-jeon is the royal throne hall for the Kings to manage the state affairs, held official function, received the foreign visited and high ranking official will be assembled in this hall to pay respect to the Kings. Beside that, other halls had been used by the Kings and officer to have difference function of event and assembled place.

The unique structures design of the palace had shown the greatest attraction to me. I was totally attracted by the art creation on the wooden structure with different design which is represented with so many different meanings. The various designs had represented the long life, wealth, power, sun, and etc. Besides that, there are many traditional performances had performed the lifestyle during the Dynasty of Korea. The flow process of the Dynasty Korea’s celebration can be seen, which is included the traditional dances. If you want to have more experience on the traditional performance you can make a request to join them.

For me, the Gyeongbok Palace is a must to go when u come to Seoul. It is a real valuable experience for foreigners to know the history for the Dynasty of Korea. At the same time, it is also a real life experience for me to know more about Korea !!!

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