Dosan Park, 도산공원

Dosan Park, 도산공원 it is located at Sinsa-dong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The name givien Doasn is because to commemorate the achievement and legacy of An Chang-ho (a famous independence activist).

The entrance of Dosan Park is very unique design of gate. Beside the unique design of gate, at here you do have chance to see the park stand a bronze status of An Chang-ho.

Entrance of Dosan Park

Unique Design of the entrance gate

Dosan Park is a small park which is located at the neighborhood of Singsa-dong, most of the local citizen will having their exercise at this park, especially the golden citizen. At the park you may see them in group doing the exercise jogging, picnic, and chatting at morning and evening time. For most of foreigner is come here to take pictures and enjoy the serenity offered by the trees and plants.

It will be a nice place for us to spend our time with friends do picnic, or enjoy the beautiful of the earth.
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