Tribute of ASEAN Students for Better ASEAN

Firstly proposed during the Summer workshop by International Relation Office, the ASEAN-ROK Workshop would be a great experience for ASEAN Students. After two months of tiring preparation, the show time came. On December 3, 2009, the 6th floor of Jisan Library was full of respected guests from MOFAT, AUN, ASEAN Secretariat, Daejeon University, ASEAN-Korea Center, UN-APCICT, KINS, and KONICOF as well as the crowd of Daejeon University Students. The more-than-200 seats were all fully occupied.

Having spent the previous two days for meeting and practices, ASEAN exchange students came to Jisan Library at 9.00 in the morning to re-check everything just before the workshop started. Everybody was so wonderful in their traditional costumes, another way of promoting our ASEAN culture.

At 10.30, the guests started coming into the seminar room in 6th floor of Jisan Library. They were very pleased for the warm welcoming greet by beautiful ASEAN female students in their traditional costumes, including Indonesian Alifia Fithritama, Cambodian Pak Voleak, Thai Jutharath Leelarkunvej, Laotian Chanmala Homesana, and Filipina Princess Joy Martinez Carabeo. The Korean students were curious about this ASEAN-ROK Workshop since they wanted to know how their ASEAN friends would perform during the workshop. It shows that Kitti Meelukchai's Publication Group had been successful in promoting our workshop. Our Vietnamese friend, Vu Thi Thu Trang greeted the guests on the receptionist table, giving them the souvenirs and seminar kits.

The distinguished guests were also coming from 10.30, then preceding to VIP room in 5th floor where all guests from various organizations were greeting each other and getting to know others while having coffee and some cookies. This meeting would be very beneficial for further cooperation and networking for the future.


Indonesian exchange student, Hendro, and Korean buddy student, Kang BoHwa, opened the workshop with warm welcome to the honorable guests, and thanked them for sparing their very valuable time attending this ASEAN-Students-held workshop.

Dr. Yong-Chul Lim, president of Daejeon University, opened the workshop by welcoming all the distinguished guests from AUN, ASEAN Secretariat, Korea-ASEAN Center, MOFAT, UN-APCICT, KONICOF, and KINS. Mr. Lim stated that through this exchange program, ASEAN students will enhance their knowledge on ICT field for their brighter career. By organizing this workshop, Daejeon University is not only proud of having exchange program but also wishes to extend the partnership among strategic organizations toward a better cooperation.

ASEAN University Network (AUN), represented by its Executive Director, Ms. Nantana Gajasenioccupied the stage afterward, giving salute to every strategic partners for their support AUN through ASEAN-ROK Exchange Program. Ms. Nantana mentioned that this exchange program will share Korea's ICT development to ASEAN countries since its 118 alumni will be the next leaders of respecting countries, who now are young ambassadors for their nations that have learnt new knowledge by participating on this exchange program.

Mr. Byeong-Hoo Jung from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) then was standing on the stage, offering profound gratitude to Daejeon University for holding this workshop. After thanking the guests, Mr. Jung shared the 20 years of Korean-ASEAN partnership, in which many development programs have been implemented. This International College Students Exchange Programme between ASEAN and Republic of Korea is one of such program, aiming on youth tolerance, open mindedness, and knowledge for future contribution. Representing MOFAT, Mr. Jung believes that the global problems such as energy crisis and poverty, could not be tackled alone by any countries, and therefore via this program future partnership will create more chance solving those issues.

The representative of ASEAN Secretariat, Mr. Budidarmo Pramudji Kuntjoro-Jakti,emphasized the importance of education for youth in order to narrow the development gaps between countries since the youth will be the successors of current leaders. Since our world is interconnected, Mr. Budi stressed the advantage of exchange program for the youth which will share the best practices of education and will strengthen the link among ASEAN youth so that when they return home, they can share their knowledge to others in order to build ASEAN. Mr. Budi concluded his remarks by thanking Republic of Korea, especially MOFAT, for generous support to this program.


We cannot miss the chance we had during this conference in which many distinguished guests were present from various organizations, and therefore we perpetuated this moment by havingphoto session in which all guests were invited to the stage, together with ASEAN students having their pictures taken.

To give more energy to everybody present on the workshop, lunch was offered at 11.40 at restaurant of Hyehwa Culture Center. All guests and participants headed there after the photo session ended. The guests were having good engagement of conversation during their meal time while the students were eating on the other room.


After the lunch time was over, all guests came back to the conference hall, getting ready for the next session. Hendro and Bohwa welcomed them back, then continued the workshop presentation.

Mr. Dae-Jong Yoo, from ASEAN-Korea Center, delivered his presentation on the Cooperation between Korea and ASEAN, its current status, and prospect. He stated that Korea is ASEAN's 5th largest partner and ASEAN is Korea's 3rd biggest partner, even the trend on trade and tourism are still increasing. Therefore, the establishment of ASEAN-Korean center is precise way in increasing interaction, improving comprehensive partnership, and growing independence within the region. ASEAN-Korea Center has mandate to increase trade volume, accelerate investment flow, and invigorate tourism between Korea and ASEAN countries.

Then Mr. Tae-Il Jeon advanced to the stage, introducing and reporting the progress of this exchange program. He opened his presentation by introducing 10 ASEAN member states, then preceding to the structure of this exchange program. Mr. Jeon then explained the reason of changing the focus from Social Science to ICT, as the current trend shows that ICT is more important than Social Science. Having explained the further demands for this program, thehead of International Relation Office of DJU mentioned the criteria of applicants, before he named the outputs of this exchange program that has had 118 students alumni.

Ms. Nantana, as Executive Manager, then continued the session with the evaluation in which she began with the objectives of this programs: to promote cooperation, to develop academic process, to promote information dissemination, and to enhance ASEAN awareness. Having 22 prominent university members, AUN has produced 118 alumni on ASEAN-RoK exchange program. Among alumni, half still maintain the participation in Korea-related activities such as working in Korean companies, studying further degree in Korea, or working as interpreter, translator, instructor, or writer in Korean-related occupations. Having surveyed the alumni, AUN believes that this program should continue. At the end of her session, Ms. Nantana opened a Q&A session, in which our Korean friends, Sam and Jung-Ah, took the chance to speak up and proposed their questions.

Succeeding Ms. Nantana, Mr. Anshuman Varma from UN-APCICT stepped up to the stage, presenting the Future Leaders Training Program. After giving description of UN-APCICT, Mr. Varma explained the importance and the mission of ICT Future Leaders. As UN-APCICT also hosted 7 ASEAN interns this year and 5 last years, it hopes the internship will nurture the cadre of ICT young leaders and give them real life practices. Mr. Varma concluded his presentation by playing a video of some UN-APCICT's ASEAN interns this semester, showing Punyapat Saksupapchon, Chanmala Homesana, and Alex Wong Kek Liang on the slide.

The first session the ended, giving the participants and guests the chance to enjoy coffee break.


The show time for ASEAN students finally came. After listening 8 speeches and presentations and experts, ASEAN Students would like to show their skills. Waiting everybody to present on the conference room, they played a video of Jutharath Leelarkunvej from Thailand playing piano. The audience was stunned by her fluent touch on the keys of piano.

Lex Tan Yih Liang from Malaysia and Punyapat Saksupapchon from Thailand then hosted the workshop, replacing Hendro and Bohwo. They opened the second session of the workshop by giving general outline of presentations.

Education group had the first chance to present. Having a role play of a student who wants to apply for this program (played by Laotian Chanmala Homesana) visiting DJU and AUN's education exhibition booth (by Ahmad Nasikun) and a Malaysian Alumni, Alex Wong Kek Liang, this group successfully deliver their content as well as entertained the audience. They explained the education system of this exchange program, including the classes they took, trips they had, field studies on Fridays, and facilities of Daejeon University.

Then Cultural group had a very entertaining show of ASEAN Severn Wonder Girl, in which "So" Punyapat Saksupapchon hosted a girls' talkshow with 7 guests from ASEAN countries. By having interactive discussion of Korean cultural experience, the 8 girls successfully shared their thought of cultural change during this program. During the talk, they also showed the boys' thought toward other country's friends before and after this program. As the host, So also invite one of buddy student, Sam, Duy's buddy, to go to stage to share his experience. The wonderful show was getting even more entertaining when they had puzzle show in which 12 ASEAN students, each holding a piece of drawing, connected their pieces to produce meaningful words and pictures, as Ni Nyoman Yudhiarti commanded the changing of each drawing via hitting the Korean traditional drum. The audience couldn't stop clapping their hands during this session. This wonderful presentation continues with a wonderful singing of 2009's batch theme song, composed by our Philippine friend, Princess Joy M. Carabeo. The singing was led by Princess herself and Pak Voleak from Cambodia, backed up by "invisible" Thai Kitti Meelukchai on the back stage.

Then another coffee break was provided for the guests.

As the presentation continued, our friendly friend from Thailand, Pap Ekachai Boonsathienwong, presented our 8-week experience of internship in 6 organizations. Combining presentation slides and testimonial videos, Pap has successfully delivered his point. He introduced the 6 internship organizations one by one, followed by introduction of students having internship there, and the introduction videos of the internship organization. The senior in Mahidol University then played the videos of students experience during the internship and the testimony from supervisors of the students during the internship period. The hand claps of the audience followed his presentation, showing how satisfied the audience getting presentation from Pap.

Then our Malaysian MC, Mr. Lex Tan Yih Liang advanced to the stage represented future contribution group presenting "The Future of Asia" with first session MC, Mr. Hendro from Indonesia. As both of them are MC, they successfully delivered their presentation. Lex opened the presentation by stating that this exchange program will for sure prepare our future and will make us a step closer to our dream. Not only that, this exchange program allows us to share and motivate the younger generation. By having this exchange program there will be a stronger relation between ASEAN and ROK cooperation. As Lex ended his part, he invited Hendro to advance to the stage and to deliver his presentation. Hendro emphasized his slides in future tourism and future leader development as the positive impact of this program. As many alumni came back to visit Korea after their returning and also many Korean visited ASEAN countries after getting to know ASEAN friends, he believed that tourism cooperation will be strengthened via this program. He also signified the MDGs and End Poverty 2015 to raise up awareness of such issue.

That was the end of presentation for that day. The hands were clapping all over the room. All efforts were paid off. As Sereyboth Van, Kang Bohwa, Park Sang-Ha and Chanmala Homesana guided the guests for campus tour, Jan Clyde Espeno, Ni Nyoman Yudhiarti, and Vu Khuong Duy could get out of their "private room" for the whole day, and Jacklyn Lim Chin Huey could stop standing for the whole day, to help the other students were cleaning up the hall, easing up Kevin Tanadi and Tick Phengsombath's job in logistic part.

Photo session was the next part, symboling the "unofficial session." Everybody was happy. Hundreds of pictures were taken during that short period of time.

As the first day of workshop ended, we shouted up showing our happiness. Everybody has been working hard for this, and the joy at the end of the day belongs to everybody. There might be some small mistakes during the event, however, the overall result was amazing. Everybody was happy and proud of the success of the event.

Thank you MY FRIENDS!!
(Sorry for not being able to jot down every of your contribution here, it's been too long.. ^_^)

Best regards,
Administrative group

Vu Thi Trang and Ahmad Nasikun

Gwanghwamun Plaza Festival 2009 광화문

According to Wikipedia, Gwanghwamun (광화문) is the main and largest gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace. This gate has gone through multiple periods of destruction and disrepair. Gwanghwamun is undergoing renovation, which is started in December 2006. The aim of the renovation is to complete the task of erasing any evidence of the Governor General building having been on the site and to restore Gwanghwamun, the main gate of Gyeongbkgung Palace, to its original wooden construction with meticulous historical accuracy. Through 3 years of renovation finally it opened on 1 august 2009

The idea design of the gwanghwamun plaza and Admiral Yi Sun-shin

Night View of Gwanghwamun

1 August 2009, there is the opening day for the Gwanghwamun Plaza to the public. For Korean people Gwanghwamun is a place that used to represent the authority of the royal court during Joseon Dynasty.

There is variety of event performed on 1 August 2009. “A day when citizen, Seoul and Korea hopes come in”. The opening ceremony celebrated with “Light Opening Performance”, and 10M Seoulites Chorus. The most thing impressed me on that night is, after the lighting ceremony held, a huge flag be flown in the air.

Kids play around the Landmark of Gwanghwamun Admiral Yi Sun-shin

Korean Traditional Dance Performance
Huge flag flown in the air
It was great time for us to joined the celebration, although there is crowded and hot but it was a valuable experienced for us to witnessed the opening of Gwanghwamun Plaza after 3 years renovation.

Dosan Park, 도산공원

Dosan Park, 도산공원 it is located at Sinsa-dong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The name givien Doasn is because to commemorate the achievement and legacy of An Chang-ho (a famous independence activist).

The entrance of Dosan Park is very unique design of gate. Beside the unique design of gate, at here you do have chance to see the park stand a bronze status of An Chang-ho.

Entrance of Dosan Park

Unique Design of the entrance gate

Dosan Park is a small park which is located at the neighborhood of Singsa-dong, most of the local citizen will having their exercise at this park, especially the golden citizen. At the park you may see them in group doing the exercise jogging, picnic, and chatting at morning and evening time. For most of foreigner is come here to take pictures and enjoy the serenity offered by the trees and plants.

It will be a nice place for us to spend our time with friends do picnic, or enjoy the beautiful of the earth.

Apgujeong, 압구정

Apgujeong, 압구정 consider is a luxury area for Korea people, it also is the most expensive shopping street in the world. (W_W)

According to so resources, the name of Apgujeong, 압구정 originated from the pavilion name built by a powerful politician name Han Myung-Hae of the Chosun Dynasty, whose pen name was “Apgu”. Although the pavilion no longer exits, it is believed to have stood where the Hyundai Apartment were built. Hyundai Apartment is the most expensive apartment in Apgujeong.
The surrounding areas are home to many of Korea’s richest families, especially those with new found wealth. At Apgujeon, large, private house, expensive, imported cars, and dozens of high class import shop.

There are many other department stores, shop, boutiques and restaurants. From here, you could be easily found out all the branded stuff Gucci, LV, Channel, and Cartier and so on. ($_$). The well known department store at Apgujeong is Hyundai Department Store, it was a big building and it easily to be found it located at the exit door for Apgujeong subway station.

Front View of Hyundai Department Store

At the department store, you could be easily found out many branded clothes, bag, shoes……all the luxury goods usually characterize these location. Many fashion designers have shop in the area to keep tab on the pulse of the local styles.

Branded stuff at department store

The Fashion houses, coffee house and restaurant at Apgujeong all in very unique design. So, it is very easily get attraction by people to step in and try. But please make sure your pockets do have enough money for you to buy or do enjoy a cup of coffee, else just choose the way as me… ”Window Shopping” ^0^

Coffee shop at the Resident area

Art and Design Meuseum

The coffee bean shop

The italian food restaurant
Famous restaurant at Apgujeong

Sometime window shopping also can get some interesting thing that you never thought, many artist or Korea star like to shopping at this area, so if you have luck may be can meet one of them ^o*

Busan Sea Festival 2009

The largest sea festival at korea is comming~~~~~~~~

14th Busan Sea Festival will be start from Aug 1 until Aug 9.The festival will held at Haeundee Beach, Gwangalii Beach, Song-do Beach and Songjeong Beach and some other place at Busan.

During the festival, there is celebration for

~~>Busan international Rock Festival,
~~>Busan International Beach Dance Festival ,
~~>Korea Sea Literature Festival,
~~>Busan Game Festival

it is about 30 small to large festival will be celebrate during Busan Sea Festival

For those who like the water sport should join this festival because a variety of water sports programs such Free lessons offered in ocean rafting, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, banana boat rides and more.

The opening ceremony of the festival will be a brilliant firework showcase lighting up the evening sky over Haeundae Beach. Besides that, street dance and hip hop performance can be seen around Haeundae Beach. So, my friends who still did not have plan this week please do not miss the chance to enjoys the biggest sea festival at Korea. Let's have fun at the Festival~~~

For the detail information how to go there, where to go and things to do can visit the official website for the festival

*more picture and detail will be post when i back from there ^o^

우리는 같이 부산에 가요~~

Incheon--->Muuido 무의도

According to wikipedia, Muuido Island is in Incheon and is quite near Yeongjongdo Island where the Incheon International Airport is also located. It is also often called the Mui Island.

Muuido, in Korean, means "the dress of a dancer". Muuido Island though small, is a very pretty place with outstretched beaches lined by the cool calm sea
Like almost all beaches or islands it has its own beauty so what's so special about muiido anyway?

Well, the island is very scenic!!! Not only was it the location for the movie Silmido and korea drama Stairway to heaven, it was also one of the locations of the Boys Over Flowers drama of korea.... Beat that!!! Now I definitely understand the meaning of small but terrible...ahaha... Muuido may be small but it sure knows how to attract film makers! Ahaha.... I can't believe I stepped on the same ground or should I say sand as kimbum and minho(crazy much??!!!!)!

When we went there, it was quiet... didn't see a lot of people but I like it that way... we really felt the serenity of the place.. it was so calm... Too bad, we couldn't stay long... I really wished we could've stayed a bit longer.... I think it'd look even more beautiful at night.... Oh well....Since we're really photoholics, we took some pictures and pretended we were f4..ahaha... some of us even collected shells (like me..)...

Also, we saw Stairway to Heaven's was white and pure... felt like we were in the drama... I really want to visit the place again...maybe next time we could stay longer and even make our own movie or drama..after all, the attractiveness of muuido has been proven anyways...ehehhe..

Sakura Party--> Spring at Korea

Well, honestly, I have never seen a sakura tree until I came here... when I saw the pink blossoms I thought.. “could anything be more beautiful than this?”... It was one of the most beautiful sites ever...

I felt like I was in a korean heart overflowed with joy and excitement...
As usual, like we always do, we took some photos... here and there...we were like crazy photoholics...ahaha...

Seeing the pink blossoms like that made my heart really happy... I felt really relaxed just sitting under the tree...ehehe...

I remember we even had a sakura party. It's normal for koreans to have a party under the tree at night but it was kind of a new experience for us...that's why I was so extatic at that time... not only did I love the food but it felt so good to be out at night and just enjoy with your friends.... I wished it never ended....

We played some games and took some was so crazy.... we were crazy!!!

Anyway... another good thing about these kind of parties is meeting new friends... we actually met new korean friends... we all had a great time... they even made us dance.... oh! And also sing!'s Korean culture...and since we are in Korea, we cannot do away from their culture, can we? So we just enjoyed and did what they asked us to do...ehehehe...

It was a lot of fun....I really hope something like this will happen again...ehehehe.....