My first time visit to Seoul-----Gyeongbok Palace

Seoul is the capital city of Korea. The first place that I have been visited in Korea is Gyeongbok Palace. Gyeongbok Palace is meant Shining Happiness. In Seoul city, it has contained many palaces, but the Gyeongbok Palace is represented the biggest one and showed the powerful of Dynasty of Korea for hundred years ago.

The architecture design and the arrangement of the Gyeongbok Palace had shown the unique design since hundred years ago. For instance, Keunjeong-jeon, Chagyong-jeon, Chageyong-jeon, Hyangwon-jeon and so on, which are located at the Gyeongbok Palace. The Keunjeong-jeon is the royal throne hall for the Kings to manage the state affairs, held official function, received the foreign visited and high ranking official will be assembled in this hall to pay respect to the Kings. Beside that, other halls had been used by the Kings and officer to have difference function of event and assembled place.

The unique structures design of the palace had shown the greatest attraction to me. I was totally attracted by the art creation on the wooden structure with different design which is represented with so many different meanings. The various designs had represented the long life, wealth, power, sun, and etc. Besides that, there are many traditional performances had performed the lifestyle during the Dynasty of Korea. The flow process of the Dynasty Korea’s celebration can be seen, which is included the traditional dances. If you want to have more experience on the traditional performance you can make a request to join them.

For me, the Gyeongbok Palace is a must to go when u come to Seoul. It is a real valuable experience for foreigners to know the history for the Dynasty of Korea. At the same time, it is also a real life experience for me to know more about Korea !!!

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  1. Hendro Says:

    nice experience...
    anyway how to go there?
    can we try Hanbok there?
    I heard we can try Hanbok in one of palaces

  2. F-Luc Says:

    GyeongBokKung is really beautiful and lots of people visit there. It's the number one most popular palace in Korea.
    Did you go either of the museums at the palace? There's a folk museum on one side and a museum of palace life on the other side, near the subway station. (경복궁 역, right under the palace on one side.)
    You should go see 창독궁 next! Very beautiful, but the visit is restricted to a guided tour except Thursdays. ^_^v

  3. espree Says:

    Awesome pics,I've never been to Korea so having a blog like this is a great idea for non-koreans like me to get to know more about the attractions and the beauty Korea has.Anyways,the first question that came to me was that,Will it ever be a problem to travel and get around places in Korea without having any grasp in the Korean language? Is english widely spoken there or do I need a to learn basic Korean/get a translator?

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