Incheon--->Muuido 무의도

According to wikipedia, Muuido Island is in Incheon and is quite near Yeongjongdo Island where the Incheon International Airport is also located. It is also often called the Mui Island.

Muuido, in Korean, means "the dress of a dancer". Muuido Island though small, is a very pretty place with outstretched beaches lined by the cool calm sea
Like almost all beaches or islands it has its own beauty so what's so special about muiido anyway?

Well, the island is very scenic!!! Not only was it the location for the movie Silmido and korea drama Stairway to heaven, it was also one of the locations of the Boys Over Flowers drama of korea.... Beat that!!! Now I definitely understand the meaning of small but terrible...ahaha... Muuido may be small but it sure knows how to attract film makers! Ahaha.... I can't believe I stepped on the same ground or should I say sand as kimbum and minho(crazy much??!!!!)!

When we went there, it was quiet... didn't see a lot of people but I like it that way... we really felt the serenity of the place.. it was so calm... Too bad, we couldn't stay long... I really wished we could've stayed a bit longer.... I think it'd look even more beautiful at night.... Oh well....Since we're really photoholics, we took some pictures and pretended we were f4..ahaha... some of us even collected shells (like me..)...

Also, we saw Stairway to Heaven's was white and pure... felt like we were in the drama... I really want to visit the place again...maybe next time we could stay longer and even make our own movie or drama..after all, the attractiveness of muuido has been proven anyways...ehehhe..
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  1. espree Says:

    hi jacklyn,lulu here.Its nice to see u enjoying yourself and having a helluva great time with your ASEAN friends while exploring the wonders and beauty of South Korea..
    bila nak balik ump nih?

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